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July 24, 2011


Conceptual design stage

July 24, 2011

Guess I’ve ignored this space quite a bit. But hey! Its the conceptual design stage. As usual, we’re always busy.

So we’ve start with Joint Crit 1 (JC1) – Case study on SANAA’s EPFL Rolex Learning Centre.

Then we had a Primer Project – Modular Sculpture on ‘Body+Space+Time’ exploration.

Short term break came, I was involved in the the Chinatown Masterplanning team, and during the 3 week break we learnt up some Revit and drew up the base plan- first part of the masterplanning project.

Plus a team of 7 of us did a BCA competition on Tropical Architecture!

So there goes the break. 🙂

A week after that a group of us headed up to KL of the DATUM:KL NOW conference. Had a great time with friends, shopping, eating, class bonding session. The lectures were great, as usual, lectures outside the classroom are always better ! 😀 We had big guys like Ole Schereen- CCTV guy, Marc Simmons, Alfredo Brillembourg, Hiroshi Nakamura, Zhang Li, Cameron Sinclair from Architecture for Humanity, and even Dato’ Idris Jala came by for a keynote. I love Brillembourg and Sinclair’s work the best. I guess that’s what I ultimately want to be doing. Something that’s worth it. Something that I won’t question myself everyday, is it really worth it?

Fancy Architecture should not be what we wanna push for, really. Heck going into super conceptual stuff, really. The built environment is really much more than what is published in glossy magazines. I want to get into innovative work that can benefit communities, reaching out to people. It feels like a need right now, with so much horror going on. It’s time to say no to private sectors and governments who want to showcase economic power through iconic and fancy architecture. Leave wow architecture to the 3D modelling department. Leave it to the cinematic department. Leave it to animators who does Tron Legacy and Transformers and all the Sci-Fi movies. We need not waste resources into building them. There’s a strong urge here to divert these resources to improve the lives of the thousands who are unheard of, barely noticeable. Never believed in big scale expensive, extravagant, architecture.

Gotta thank Sinclair and Brillembourg on stirring up some conscience. Social justice is no more a choice. It is the law. Since I’m ‘stucked’ in this line at 20, I think I’ve some good decisions to make in the years to come.

So. JC2’s coming up in a few days (and Here I am, trying to update this space). Some friends got into the AA workshop. Was interested to check it out- but for a cost I have to pay- a sum of money (which I think not worth the sum) and the time sacrificed for JC2. It would look jolly good in my portfolio, but hey, AA isn’t what I aim for. No dreams of ending up there. So yes! Concept. People drop by to ask me about it, but I have no good catchy line for it. I can’t sum it up, yet. Dennis has been a great help at work, great lecturer, and seems like he have something for me that sounds like ‘Nature vs. Artificial’.

Yeah, tons of trees on site, I love the habitat, the squirrels, the colourful birds that fly from branches. I want the dancers to take the flying birds as their inspiration. The choreographers, to look into their movement, the grace, the detail. (hummngbird study!) The students, the hours of physically tiring trainings, to look at the birds and marvel, the state of defying gravity, the ability of one day they might ‘fly’ higher. So with that, it’s the space and view out to the habitat that’s prevalent in my architecture. The form dictated by the function and building around the natural habitat. Creation will inspire. Who’s the master Artist in the first place?

So there goes my brief update since the last entry. After this submission I shall hope I get time to upload visuals of the past two month’s worth of work!


Start the next lap.

May 13, 2011

Thought of you – Ryan Atwood

The sketchy and conceptual animation that makes the figures dance to the music, telling a story, beautiful!

So third year have started, we’ve just finished the first joint crit of the year. It’s a group project, where we did a detailed case study for chosen projects. My group got SANAA’s Rolex Learning center in Lausanne, Switzerland.

So what’s year 3’s design brief?

We’re designing for a contemporary dance company!

So it’ll have training areas for students and instructors, and also cater for the public for smaller scale experimental performances in the black box.

I’ve read some on Merce Cunningham, watched some of his contemporary dance videos- its something completely new to me. Coming up next is a primer project, we archi students will be dancing blindfolded, I heard, if my lecturer wasn’t kidding. Plus they called an external dance instructor to teach us, and its called contact improvisation- see how sporting we can be this coming week! Exciting! Meanwhile, we’re supposed to think about our inspirations and stuff. Won’t be starting the design and site analysis work officially until past the June break.

Next week I’ll be going out to take the HK archi students round Singapore city! Signed up for the Tuesday and Thursday one, so on Tuesdays we’ll be visiting National Museum, School of The Arts, and LaSalle. Thursday we’ll be watching WOHA and CSYA giving presentations! Friends kinda pushed me to go for the thursday one, they treat these firms like the firm god of singapore! Well, their portfolio is pretty impressive, definitely famous in these region.

Ending updates here.

Year 2 Project: SOHO Apartment (stage 2)

May 13, 2011

Stage 2 of the SOHO apartment project focuses on the micro detailing, facade, implementation of green features, and spatial quality of the interior.

Here’s the link to stage 1 of conceptual and macro design:

Exterior rendering, brief conceptual and client write-up, site plan, site brief.

Part plan.

East elevation and green wall section.


Interior rendering illustrating spatial quality and images of physical model.

Main part section, bathroom services and details, Micro detailing.

Water harvesting diagram.

Structure and construction diagram and explanatory text.

still pretty much a Kid. yes Me.

September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

August 29, 2010

I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.

-Frank Lloyd Wright